Discover the Scottish Highlands on our 2 Day Loch Ness Tour

Welcome to our 2 day Loch Ness tour, where we take you on an unforgettable journey through the stunning Scottish Highlands. Departing from Edinburgh, we will take you on a private tour through some of the most iconic landmarks and natural landscapes in Scotland, including The Kelpies, Doune Castle, Callander, Glencoe, Loch Ness, Inverness, Culloden, Clava Cairns, Dalwhinnie Distillery, Pitlochry, and The Hermitage.

Day 1:

The Kelpies:

Our tour begins with a visit to The Kelpies, two 30-meter-high horse-head sculptures located in Falkirk, Scotland. These stunning sculptures are made from stainless steel and are inspired by the mythological water horses of Scottish folklore.


We’ll then visit the picturesque town of Callander, located in the heart of the Trossachs National Park. The town is home to many historical landmarks, including the Rob Roy and Trossachs Visitor Centre, and offers a chance to explore quaint shops and cafes.


Our next stop is Glencoe, a breathtaking valley famous for its stunning natural beauty. The valley is home to some of Scotland’s most iconic landmarks, including the Three Sisters mountains, Buachaille Etive Mor, and Glencoe Lochan.

Loch Ness:

We’ll end the day by arriving at Loch Ness, Scotland’s most famous loch, where you will stay overnight in Inverness, the largest city in the Scottish Highlands. You’ll have the chance to explore the loch and its surrounding natural landscapes.

Day 2:


On day two, we’ll visit Culloden, the site of the famous Battle of Culloden that was fought in 1746 between the Jacobites and the British Government forces. The battlefield is now a National Trust for Scotland site and features a visitor center that tells the story of the battle.

Clava Cairns:

Next, we’ll explore Clava Cairns, an ancient burial site located near Inverness. The site dates back to the Bronze Age and is famous for its well-preserved standing stones, burial cairns, and passage graves.

Dalwhinnie Distillery:

We’ll then visit the Dalwhinnie Distillery, a whisky distillery located in the Scottish Highlands. The distillery produces some of Scotland’s finest single malt whisky and offers tours that allow you to learn about the distilling process and sample the whisky.

Last Stop on Your 2 Day Loch Ness Tour, Pitlochry and The Hermitage:

Our final stop is the beautiful town of Pitlochry, located in the heart of Scotland’s Perthshire region. The town is famous for its stunning natural landscapes, including the nearby Hermitage woodland, a beautiful forest featuring towering trees, tranquil waterfalls, and picturesque walking paths.

With this 2 day Loch Ness tour, it offers the perfect opportunity to explore Scotland’s most iconic landmarks and natural beauty, and learn about the country’s rich history and culture. Book your tour with us today and discover the best of Scotland on our 2 day Loch Ness tour.

2 day Loch Ness Tour
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